Become an Accredited CME Provider

Become an OMA-Accredited CME Provider

Purpose of Accreditation
Accreditation is a mark of quality that continuing medical education (CME) activities are planned, implemented, and evaluated by accredited providers in accordance with accreditation requirements and policies. Accreditation is an assurance to the medical community that the information provided in each activity meets a set of standards, is based on valid content, and is free of commercial bias.

The Relationship Between ACCME and OMA
The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) is the organization that sets educational standards and policies for CME activities. Accreditation from ACCME denotes that an organization serves a national target audience and/or is a state medical society, such as the Oregon Medical Association (OMA), which operates as an accrediting partner within the states.

The OMA is recognized by ACCME as an accreditor of CME providers in Oregon. The OMA’s system of accreditation is equivalent to that of ACCME’s national system. The OMA encourages you to take the opportunity to learn more about ACCME accreditation at where you will find important and helpful information.

The OMA has adopted and adheres to all ACCME requirements and policies. Documents used in the OMA accreditation process are taken directly from the ACCME.

Please note: if you are seeking CME accreditation for just one educational activity, as opposed to becoming an accredited provider, please refer to the Joint Providership link.

Common Types of OMA-Accredited CME Providers

  • Oregon healthcare systems
  • Community hospitals which provide continuing medical education activities for hospital medical staffs and physicians in the local community
  • Regional, statewide, or county medical organizations
  • Other local organizations and institutions that sponsor or produce continuing medical education program for physicians

How to Apply
Submit an OMA Pre-Application Request Form. The completion of a request form is not a guarantee that your organization will enter the Pre-Application process for Provisional Accreditation.


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