Doctor-Citizen of the Year - Past Recipients

2015 Doctor-Citizen of the Year

Sharon Meieran, MD
Sharon Meieran, MD
, is the OMA's 2015 Doctor-Citizen of the Year. She received the honor at the association’s 141st annual meeting in Portland on Saturday, April 25. Dr. Meieran is an emergency physician at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center and the medical director for the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health.  

This annual award honors a physician who has made outstanding contributions to the community, the practice of medicine, and to health care policy in Oregon.

Dr. Meieran is an active board member of the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and has worked promoting two very important projects in the past year. One is improving psychiatric care for Oregon patients by adopting the successful model created in Alameda County, California. Her visit there inspired her to help create the same model starting in Multnomah County. She is also promoting the Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE), a system of communication between emergency departments about patients with a noticeably high number of emergency room visits.

Dr. Meieran serves on the OMA Board of Trustees, Legislative Committee and became the vice-president of the Executive Committee in 2015.


Past Doctor-Citizen Award recipients:

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1984, Roy W. Skoglund, Roseburg
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1989, Warren G. Bishop, Medford
1990, Charles E. Hofmann, Baker City
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1995, James Garland, Hillsboro
1996, Richard G. Kincade, Eugene
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