OMA Committees

Members who are interested in joining a committee can contact the staff liaison for the committee in which you are interested or complete a committee interest form. Where appropriate, committees have posted meeting dates, agendas and summaries on the pages linked below. Click here for descriptions of Membership Sections.

Committee Descriptions

Active Committees:

Meets: Quarterly / Staff Contact: Joy ConklinJuli Koprowski
This committee is charged as follows: 1) serve as a clearinghouse for information about workforce and patient access  issues in Oregon; 2) work with researchers in workforce and patient access issues; 3) collect information about local responses to workforce issues and make suggestions for programs that might be extended to other communities plus identify barriers that the OMA may help to overcome; 4) review state and federal legislation for its impact on workforce; and 5) find and document stories about the lack of workforce challenges.

Meets: Quarterly or As Needed
This committee is responsible for convening the Loss Prevention Subcommittee, and the Institutional Accreditation Subcommittee. Further, the Education Committee is responsible for aiding and collaborating with OMA staff in creating programming for the Annual General Membership Meeting, Fall Forum, and Day with the OMA and other events as needed.

Meets: Biannually
This committee is responsible for surveys of institutions wishing to become accredited providers of CME, and confers such status upon those qualified according to ACCME. Also helps to establish educational interventions for accredited CME programs as well as providing guidance for CME program staff.

Meets: Triannually / Staff Contact: Mark Bonanno
This committee is responsible for developing recommendations and education related to loss prevention for OMA members and other providers insured by CNA.

Meets: Quarterly / Staff Contact: Grace Amos
This committee is charged to review the financial affairs of the OMA and formulate recommendations to the OMA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees to include but not be limited to:  proposed annual budget, budget modifications if revenue less than expected, budget for unbudgeted requests,  recommendations on investment guidelines for OMA and subsidiary funds, oversight of employee pension program, oversight of annual audit including selection of auditor, oversight of the financial affairs of OMA subsidiary and affiliated organizations and recommendations of budget modifications based upon OMA mission, goals and priorities.

Meets: Quarterly / Staff Contact: Joy ConklinJuli Koprowski
This committee is charged to serve as the formal liaison with health plans, public payers or regulatory bodies to address member concerns; provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees; and act as a vetting body for the legislative committee on health care finance-related matters, and refers issues to OMA’s Executive Committee for consideration. Furthermore, this committee helps to establish parameters, recommendations and priorities to be adopted by OMA as regards regulatory practices, payer policies and emerging issues in the marketplace to enhance physicians’ ability to practice medicine.

Meets: Quarterly / Staff Contact: Danielle Sobel
This committee is responsible for setting priorities for the OMA’s community health and quality activities and for advising the OMA in implementation of these activities.  Members of the committee will also review requests from other organizations for OMA support and participate on committees and coalitions on behalf of OMA and help identify issues for the Board of Trustees to consider.  As part of this work, the committee is responsible for promoting safe and quality patient care, helping to establish a culture of patient safety and providing support for physicians to become leaders in promoting and implementing safe patient care. Furthermore, this committee may also participate in developing proposed legislation on public health and patient safety issues.  Some of the Committee members may also be asked to serve as expert witnesses for the OMA and help in the development and writing of testimony for legislative hearings. Members of the committee may also be asked to provide articles or information for OMA publications or other communications efforts to bring attention to issues related to the committee’s work. Subcommittees or task forces charged with addressing focused issues may be created from this committee from time to time. Lastly, this committee works alongside the legislative committee to help decide whether further review of information is necessary and will be responsible for consulting with appropriate colleagues to develop positions that represent the entire organization.

Meets: Quarterly meetings; More frequently during session / Staff Contact: Bryan BoehringerCourtni Dresser
This committee is responsible for helping the OMA Government Relations staff develop and prioritize the OMA’s public policy agenda and coordinate quick and accurate responses to proposed legislation at the state and federal levels. The members of the Committee are part of a team that reviews relevant legislation and other requests to determine their impact on Oregon physicians.

Meets: Quarterly / Staff Contact: Courtni Dresser
This Committee is charged to act as liaison between OMA and the State Workers’ Compensation Department, and to deal with medical issues related to injured workers. In addition, the committee is responsible for assessing the adequacy and appropriateness of the Department’s rules covering medical assistance along with those rules and other issues relative to care rendered by one through managed care organizations.

Meets: Monthly / Staff Contact: Mark Bonanno
This committee is responsible for oversight of the OMA/CNA Physicians Protection Program, including reviews, negotiations and reports to or on behalf of the Association on matters relating to professional liability insurance in the state it also determines the eligibility of applicants for initial coverage or renewal.

Meets: Triannually
The Reference Committee works with the OMA Speaker to determine which issues/resolutions submitted for review will be posted for discussion by OMA members and considered by the Board of Trustees.  The committee convenes for a full year and reviews issues as part of a quarterly cycle coinciding with the meetings of the Board of Trustees. The committee will consider the online discussion of the membership on the items it releases, and will prepare and release a reference committee report that the Board of Trustees will read and discuss before each Board meeting.

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Meets: As needed / Staff Contact: Mark Bonanno
This committee is responsible for developing appropriate language to effect changes in the bylaws as directed by the House of Delegates and other policy making bodies of the Association.

Meets: As needed
This committee is charged with conducting an annual review of OMA policy 10 years old and proposing said policy to be reaffirmed, revised, sunsetted, or referred to an appropriate committee for further research.

Meets: As needed 
The Ethics Committee shall concern itself with matters relating to medical research, quality assurance, utilization review, credentialing and the professional training, supervision and discipline of physicians. It shall consider any matter of medical ethics, professional conduct or intra-professional relations referred by the Board of Trustees or the House of Delegates.  The committee shall also consider grievances and inquiries concerning medical ethics, professional conduct or intra-professional relations referred to it by members or the public.  The committee shall consist of the five most recently serving past presidents who are voting members in good standing.  The most senior past president shall serve as chair of the committee.

Meets: As needed / Staff Contact: Jennifer Nordgaard
This committee's charge is to provide input and recommendations around various membership issues from a physician and member perspective, and to assist the Executive Committee and staff in meeting the short and long-term strategic objectives for membership growth and services.

Meets: As needed
This committee investigates questionable practices of members on case-by-case basis relating to appropriateness or quality of medicine service; also performs reviews for other societies, medical staffs or BME.

Meets: As needed
This group is charged to address the new and emerging issue of and need for physician engagement in the accelerated adoption of electronic health/medical records and the exchange of health information and convenes when necessary.


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