The OMA Supports Ballot Measure 101.

Every day, members of the OMA see the difference that access to healthcare coverage makes for people and the state as a whole. It saves lives; preventive care and early detection and treatment is only possible if people have access to see a doctor. It increases security; lack of healthcare coverage causes incredible stress, and the cost of uncovered care can bankrupt families and small businesses. Lastly, it saves money; if people wait until they are seriously ill before seeking treatment, usually through an emergency room, their medical care becomes far more expensive, which is a cost all consumers end up paying.
Representing physicians, physician assistants, and students across the state, part of our duty is to inform Oregonians on issues that are critical to their health and healthcare. Everyone in Oregon should have access to healthcare they can afford, which is why we urge a YES vote on Measure 101 to reaffirm the plan passed this year by the Oregon Legislature and agreed to by a large coalition of healthcare stakeholders.
Measure 101 preserves health care coverage for the 1 in 4 Oregonians—especially kids, seniors, and people with disabilities—who otherwise couldn't afford a doctor's visit. It reduces premiums for an additional 210,000 Oregonians, taking their healthcare from unaffordable to affordable. The money from the ballot measure also unlocks federal matching dollars, up to $16 for every $1 generated in Oregon. If Measure 101 does not pass, we could lose up to $3 to $5 billion in federal healthcare funding.
The OMA is proud to stand with a large coalition of stakeholders, including hospitals, nurses, and healthcare advocates, in voting Yes on 101. To learn more please visit

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