Why should you join the Oregon Medical Association?

Find connections and shared purpose.

  • Partner with fellow Oregon physicians, physician assistants, and students to craft statewide policies that will champion patient care and empower you to practice the best you can.
  • Get one-on-one support and education from the OMA Knowledge Center, a resource for you and your staff. We can help with items like practice problems, medical coding, and legal issues.
  • Raise your professorial profile through OMA leadership opportunities, presenting at OMA events, and in the pages of OMA publications.

Make the practice of medicine in Oregon even better.

  • With the right connections and serious lobbying muscle, the OMA advocates for policies that reduce administrative burdens, focus on quality patient care, and improve your practice climate.
  • Working with your colleagues amplifies your voice where it counts—with lawmakers and policy leaders, in the courts and with the media.
  • Member proposals become official OMA policy, which in turn shapes the association’s responses to political and social issues.

Discover unique resources for your practice.

  • The OMA offers CME opportunities and resources on trending and emergent issues that will affect your practice—from opioids, vaccinations, and diabetes prevention to how to succeed with the business side of a practice.
  • The OMA Medical-Legal Handbook and compliance toolkits will help you interpret the law practically.
  • Feel good about your membership dollars: the OMA facilitates campaigns for public health, student scholarships, and improving Oregon’s practice environment.