Annual Conference 2021

2022 OMA Executive Committee Officers

The 2021 OMA Annual Conference was also the annual meeting of membership. Due to the virtual aspect of the conference, OMA presented various awards and recognitions during its Board of Trustees meeting the previous evening, October 8, 2021, in addition to welcoming new Executive Committee officers, including OMA's 146th President, Dr. Mark Fischl.

Welcome to all new and returning officers!

President  Mark Fischl, MD, Salem
Past President  Kevin Ewanchyna, MD, Corvallis
President-Elect   Marianne Parshley, MD, Portland 
Vice President  Brenda Kehoe, MD, Portland 
Secretary-Treasurer   Amy Hinrichs, MD, Portland 
Speaker  Heidi Beery, MD, Roseburg 
Vice Speaker  Brian Duty, MD, Portland
Member-at-Large   Pat Kenney-Moore, EdD PA-C, Portland
Member-at-Large   Nathan Defrees, MD, Baker City