Annual Conference 2021 

Thank you to those who attended this year's OMA Annual Conference! We were so thrilled to have had such great speakers, moderators, sponsors, and engaged attendees! Below is the full conference recording, as well as recordings of individual keynotes, speeches, and breakout sessions. 

Medicine Now: A Path Toward Health Equity


Full Conference Recording

Keynote Speakers

Discussions in Equity 

OMA Leadership Speeches

State of the OMA

Kevin Ewanchyna, MD
OMA Past President

President's Address

Mark Fischl, MD
OMA President

Breakout Session Recordings

Understanding Intersectionality: Creating a Safe and Inclusive Healthcare Environment

This session explores the concept of intersectionality as it applies to our own identities and how it can inform and improve our interactions with diverse patients and colleagues.

Monica DeMasi, MD
Kathryn Fraser, PhD

Climate Change & Greening Healthcare: Finding an Outlet for Change

Many are aware of the dangers posed by climate change for both individual health and the health of society, butit'shard to know exactly what to do to affect change. In this panel, physicians across Oregon share ways they've found to start making an impact.

Stewart Decker, MD (Moderating)
Colin Cave, MD
Marianne Parshley, MD
Brian Chesebro, MD
Erika Moseson, MD, MA

Climate Change Toolkit, Advocacy in Action
ACP Climate Change Action Plan
Confronting Climate Change
Greenhouse Emissions from Outpatient Care
OPB Article: Oregon Doctor's Personal Climate Battle
Greening the Clinic
ACP: greening the physician office
Advocacy-candidate questions
Advocacy-talking points
Advocacy-assessment report
ACP: Patient Handout
Reducing carbon footprint

Gender Affirming Care: Fast

In this session, explore the social and infrastructural determinants of health for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, seek familiarity with best practices for gender-affirming medical care, and understand the influence of the medical relationship on outcomes for TGD patients.

Olivia Danforth, MD

Slide Deck (PDF)
Transgender and Gender Diverse Terminology

Harm Reduction for Those Living Unhoused: A Path Forward

Commissioner Meieran will speak to the current landscape of houselessness in Multnomah County. Though Multnomah County is the largest county in Oregon, many of the issues leading to homelessness, the challenges presented to community - as well as the solutions - are mirrored in counties large and small, urban and rural, across Oregon and the country.

Sharon Meieran, MD, JD

Extension or Engagement: Person-Centered Care, Structural Racism, and Geriatric Services

Using a recent long-term care scenario,Dr.Krulewitchwill review structural factors leading to disparities in resources and equity for diverse populations in U.S. nursinghomes, and  explore the factors contributing to structural racism that are associated with these disparities.

Harry Krulewitch, MD

Maternal Mortality: Taking Action on a Statewide Level

Drs. Piliod, Solomon, and Mbata will review trends in maternal morbidity and mortality and discuss known contributors to the racial/ethnic disparities in U.S. maternal health outcomes. This breakout session will also review statewide and regional actions to address maternal health & safety.

Rachel Piliod, MD (Moderating)
Mary Solomon, MD
Osli Mbata, MD