COVID-19 Clinical Guidance, Testing, and Treatment

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CDC Guidance

Oregon Medical Board | COVID-19

OHSU Connected Care Center Hotline: 833-OHSU-CCC (833-647-8222), option 9. Staffed seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Doernbecher Children’s Hospital physicians continue to be available to answer questions about children and COVID-19 (888-346-0644).

COVID-19 FAQs by OHSU COVID-19 Inquiry Group: Guide to existing recommendations in the setting of rapidly emerging information. Clinicians should exercise clinical judgement when using this resource.

OHA | Guidance on Resumption of Non-Emergent and Elective Procedures (7/31/20)

Crisis standards of care: Guidance from the AMA Code of Medical Ethics (4/5/20)

NEJM Group | COVID-19 Treatment Simulations on Virtual Patients            

AMA | COVID-19 On-Demand Video Library

End of Life Concerns

Video: POLST Policy and Innovations Related to COVID-19  

Video: POLST and Coronavirus: If you get sick, will your wishes match your orders? 

Video: POLST Use in an Emergency: Communicating in a Crisis  

Oregon's Online System to Report Deaths : Information is used for tracking leading causes of death and is essential for tracking emerging diseases like COVID-19.

Talking to Your Patients About COVID-19

COVID-Ready Communication Skills

AMA | 7 Starter Steps to Reopen Your Practice, Address Patient Anxiety


Oregon Pediatric Society | Dispelling COVID-19 Myths for Patients

CDC | Printable COVID-19 Resources

Patient Questions about Managing Risk and Wearing Masks (8/7/20)

Safe + Strong Oregon : Community-centered outreach in 12 languages to connect people who are most at risk of experiencing health disparities with the information, tools, and resources they need to stay safe, healthy, and strong.