Endorsed Products and Services

The OMA-CNA Partnership
OMA-CNA Physicians Protection Program
(800) 341-3684
Professional liability insurance underwritten by CNA Insurance

The Partners Group
Adam Johnson, (503) 941-4330;  AJohnson@tpgrp.com

Serving over 20,000 physicians and 200 clinics for more than 35 years, The Partners Group provides unmatched expertise to help you protect, save, and grow. We have the experts in Employee Benefits, Commercial Insurance including Medical Malpractice, Wealth Management, and more!

Please see http://startprotectingyourfuture.com/oma/oma for exclusive OMA member offers on individual Life, Disability, and Business Overhead Policies. 

Card Pay
Card Pay offers OMA members exclusive access to electronic payment services. Their strategic and uniform pricing and hands-on client support allows you to stay focused on what you do best: care for your patients.

DataDx provides OMA members with real-time data analytics including customized reports based on actionable intelligence and Key Performance Indicators. Both financial and clinical data helps to create a comprehensive view of each practice.

Heartland Payroll
Payroll solutions as well as secure, online platform to integrate workforce management activities, including payroll, hiring, time tracking, HR and integration.

LifeExec's secure life management software is designed to store your important information and create tailor-made plans that keep your closest contacts informed during any life event. Additionally, LifeExec Advantage offers wellness benefits including plans with coverage for medical, dental, or mental health.

LLM Publications
(503) 445-2220
The OMA's publishing partner; designing healthcare and association-related publications.

Minuteman Press
(503) 234-2040
Full-service Print Center

OMA Magazine Program
(800) 289-6247
Subscribe to and renew magazine subscriptions at big discounts

Rx Security
(800) 667-9723
Security prescription pads & paper at 15% off