About the Oregon Medical Association

The Oregon Medical Association (OMA) is the state’s largest professional organization engaging in advocacy, policy, community-building, and networking opportunities for Oregon’s physicians, physician assistants, medical students, and physician assistant students. In the state capitol of Salem and in Washington, DC, the OMA’s members speak with one voice as they advocate for policies that improve access to quality patient care and reduce administrative burdens on medical professionals. 

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the OMA is governed by the 60+ members of its Board of Trustees. Association members meet annually at the OMA Annual Conference. The association was first founded in 1874 as the Oregon State Medical Society, with Dr. Alfred C. Kinney elected as president. 

Resources for Patients and the General Public

The OMA is not a patient advocacy organization, so resources for that audience are limited. The OMA website includes a webpage devoted to Resources for Patients and the General Public.

Our Vision

The Oregon Medical Association envisions an Oregon that is the healthiest state and the best place to practice medicine.

Our Mission

The Oregon Medical Association’s mission is to speak as the unified voice of medicine in Oregon; advocate for a sustainable, equitable, and accessible healthcare environment; and energize physicians and physician assistants by building and supporting their community.

Our Values

  • Community: Collegiality, connectedness, and member interaction. 
  • Professionalism: Compassion and integrity built on expertise and evidence based science, with an emphasis on developing leaders.   
  • Solutions-driven leadership: Systematic problem solving to support and empower our members to build a healthier Oregon. 
  • Inclusivity: Pursuing goals with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion.