Practice Analytics with DataDx

DataDx provides OMA members with real-time data analytics at a price that all clinics can afford. Having access to this intelligence is critical to managing a practice in the face of shifting supply chain issues, labor scarcity, and inflation.

What is DataDx?
DataDx can connect to any system a practice uses and provides a customized set of reports based on actionable intelligence and Key Performance Indicators. This real-time analysis of both financial and clinical data helps to create a comprehensive view of each practice, preparing them to identify shifting business trends and respond to environmental changes and industry regulations.

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DataDx + OMA
Through the exclusive relationship with DataDx, OMA members receive a 10% discount on their subscription to DataDx. Additionally, the first 50 OMA members who sign up for a subscription with DataDx will receive 1 year of BenchmarkDx™ for free.

Visit the DataDx website for more information and complete a simple form to start the process.


Real-time Reporting: DataDx seamlessly organizes the data you generate from multiple sources to give you a clear picture of your business so you can make more informed decisions about the future of your practice.

BenchmarkDx™: Customizable performance metrics that allow clinics to compare practice data to their peers.

ValueBasedDx™: Real-time tracking of clinical quality measures to meet CMS reporting requirements and maximize incentive-based reimbursement.

ForecastDx™: Our predictive forecasting report carefully analyzes and builds models based on your data and business trends, allowing users to predict future trends in medical revenue, supply expenses, labor costs, and much more.

AnomalyDx™: AnomalyDx utilizes artificial intelligence to ensure the accuracy of your decision-making data and improves your quality of care by automatically scanning the entirety of your practice's data to identify inconsistencies in real-time. Things like outliers, entry errors, and potential fraud can be quickly identified and corrected, saving you time and money, and ensuring critical decisions are made based on accurate information.