OMA Statement on Gender-Affirming Care

May 16, 2022


The Oregon Medical Association respects human dignity. Respect for human dignity is called into question when any government, through laws, regulations or executive orders, attempts to threaten, intimidate, or criminalize the act of providing care for any human being based on their gender identity. Intimidating those who care for patients because the patient seeks services related to their gender is a form of discrimination.


In response to a troubling trend, the OMA recently adopted new policy that provides the association will oppose any government regulation or legislative action which would criminalize physicians and physician assistants for providing evidence-based, patient-centered medical care within the accepted standard of care according to recognized professional practice guidelines and the scope of a physician’s training and professional judgment.


In a glaring example, our colleagues at the Texas Medical Association are battling against an executive order that directed a Texas agency to investigate gender-affirming medical care as child abuse. In other words, if a physician is treating a patient within accepted standards of care, and the government in power disapproves of that care, the physician could be charged with abusing a patient. This is unacceptable.


All patients must be able to access medically appropriate care, including patients who identify as transgender. All physicians and physician assistants must be able to provide such care within the scope of their training and professional judgment without fear they will become targets of government investigation.


The OMA stands in opposition to any government action that perpetuates any form of discrimination, and specifically we oppose the use of the legislative and legal process to coerce discriminatory behavior from others.