The Well-Being Systems' Movement: What are healthcare organizations doing to re-invent themselves?

This facilitated panel discussion with well-being leaders from different hospital systems across the Portland metro region will focus on the most current perspectives on healthcare wellbeing.  Learn about work within the different systems and leave with ideas that you can bring to your own leadership.  See what the future could look like based on what the well-being experts know and hope will happen.   

Panel Facilitator

Chase Sterling, MA, CWP |Founder, Wellbeing Think Tank

Chase Sterling, M.A., has dedicated her career to improving individual and organizational wellbeing in the workplace  With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Sterling brings passion combined with evidence-based expertise.


Dedicated to the mission of improving workplaces, Ms. Sterling founded Wellbeing Think Tank, which provides educational events as well as mentoring and networking for wellness professionals. She has held leadership, consultant and educator roles at a variety of organizations, including The Partners Group, Cigna, Wounded Warrior Project, Google, the YMCA, and the University of Dayton. 

Sterling has been published in The American Journal of Health Promotion and serves on PAPREN, the Physical Activity Policy Research and Evaluation Network Worksite work group. She holds numerous certifications, including Certified Wellness Practitioner from National Wellness Institute, and is faculty at the Wellness Council of America. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and Health Psychology and an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with a concentration in Occupational Health Psychology. 

She is also a veteran having served seven years in the Army. She currently resides in Portland. 


Tricia T. James, MD | Medical Director of Wellness, Providence Portland Medical Center
Tricia James, M.D., is an internal medicine physician, teacher and well-being leader at Providence Portland Medical Center.  Her passion for well-being grew out of her own distress and that of her colleagues during her training years where she recognized that the system needed significant change. Dr. James now has over 10 years of experience of working to improve our health care systems to better support clinicians and transform the culture to one of humanity. She also has three young children at home and loves being in the spectacular nature that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.
Megan Furnari, MD, MS | Associate Chief Wellness Officer, OHSU Health, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Megan Furnari, M.D., M.S., brings a wealth of experience in academic healthcare well-being for students, faculty and staff, as well as specialized training in women’s leadership development. She is passionate about systems health and understanding how to create impactful well-being transformation in alignment with broader organizational goals and strategies. For the past decade, Dr. Furnari has been in well-being leadership roles doing both innovative program development and large-scale operations. She believes that well-being must be integrated into health systems at all levels to make impactful change.