In-Person Health and Safety Policies

Current as of August 25, 2022

Overall Policy

OMA members and staff have done their part to remain vigilant with health and safety policies and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. As federal and state restrictions largely have been removed and replaced with recommendations, the OMA’s overall policy is to implement health and safety policies that follow current public health guidance to ensure a safe and respectful meeting space for all attendees. These policies will be updated as information and community risk from COVID-19 changes.

Vaccination Policy

We know the best defense to reduce disease severity with COVID-19 is being vaccinated. The OMA’s policy is to request that all attendees appearing in-person at a meeting be up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations (you have received all doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible). You will be asked to attest to this policy along with the other health and safety policies when registering for a meeting. We will not collect or store copies of your personal medical information.

Mask Policy

OMA’s policy on prevention steps to take for use of face masks will follow the Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 Community Level guidance. When the risk level is low in the community where the meeting is taking place, the use of face masks will not be required. However, individuals may continue to wear masks if they so choose. Please be respectful of individuals that are wearing masks. Please also be respectful towards those that choose not to wear a mask. When the risk level is medium, face masks will be recommended but not required. When the risk level is high, face masks will be required. The OMA will notify attendees in advance of a meeting of the current community level.

Social Distancing Policy

We will do our best to set up meeting rooms with as much open space as possible and explore ways to help attendees communicate their social distancing preferences. This does not mean using specific distances unless and until federal or state guidance once again requires such distancing. As with our mask policy, please be respectful and mindful of giving others the space they seem to need.

Infection Control Policy

COVID-19 is contagious and even vaccinated individuals may get sick and can be asymptomatic. We encourage you to take a rapid test prior to attending a meeting in-person. If you are not feeling well before a meeting, please stay home. If you become sick after a meeting, please notify the OMA’s Health and Safety Officer, Kris Bilderback ( or 503-619-8132), if you are testing positive for COVID-19 so we can provide a safety alert to all our attendees (we will not identify anyone by name). During a meeting we will strive to have as much ventilation as possible in meeting rooms and reduce items in rooms that attendees need to contact such as not having paper meeting materials and replacing plated meals with boxed ones.

If anyone has a comment or suggestion about these policies, please let us know. You may call us at (503) 619-8000 or leave an email message at