Infection Prevention Champions offer localized support 

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted knowledge gaps in infection prevention and control in many healthcare settings. Project Firstline is an initiative to strengthen the expertise around infection control, while providing quick and up-to-date access to resources for healthcare workers.
One effort with Oregon’s Project Firstline involves state-wide access to infection prevention subject matter experts, via county local public health departments. These Infection Prevention (IP) Champions give healthcare workers the opportunity to develop close-knit connections and access to immediate infection prevention knowledge and training at the local level.

Meet Celine Coleman, MPH, Linn County

Celine Coleman, MPH, is one of the Oregon Health Authority’s local IP Champions, in her role as public health analyst/investigator for Linn County. 

She became an IP champion to help develop better infection prevention skills and prevent outbreaks in long-term care facilities. Coleman provides workshops tailored to help reduce disease transmission, and support personnel at all levels in these facilities, schools and daycares. She is often the liaison between long-term care facilities and infection preventionists at hospitals. In primary care facilities, on-site assessments are often done to evaluate any gaps that may facilitate disease transmission. 

Coleman and any of Oregon’s other 26 IP Champions are trained to help identify infection risks in daily work routines, and to offer solutions to mitigate outbreaks and improve safety.

Oregon Health Authority's Project Firstline Training Request Portal

The OHA Infection Prevention (IP) Training Request Portal  is a new and easy way for healthcare workers and healthcare facilities to request training tailored to their audience. More information is available on the Oregon Project Firstline website.

Project Firstline, developed in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provides infection prevention and control (IPC) education and resources for all types of frontline healthcare workers. The American Medical Association (AMA), Oregon Medical Association (OMA) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) are additional collaborators.