The OMA is 8000+ strong, speaking with one voice, advocating for you and your profession in the exam room and the boardroom, in the state capitol of Salem and in Washington, DC. Thank you to our members for being part of that effort. Working with your colleagues amplifies your voice where it counts—with lawmakers and policy leaders, in the courts and with the media.

What does the OMA Government Relations team do?

During each session of the Oregon Legislature, the OMA monitors proposed healthcare-related legislation so you won’t have to. The association lobbies against harmful legislation while introducing or supporting laws and policies that will strengthen Oregon’s practice environment.

The OMA’s legislative agenda is determined by members themselves under governing bodies such as the OMA Legislative Committee, Executive Committee, and Board of Trustees.

Advocacy campaigns and outreach programs are coordinated and directed at state and federal elected representatives, agency officials, and community leaders. With the right connections and serious lobbying muscle, the OMA advocates for policies that:

  • improve access to quality patient care
  • reduce administrative burdens
  • ensure healthcare financing and secure the physician workforce
  • achieve sound liability and healthcare reform