OMA Member Spotlight: Advocating for Healthcare Reform with Brian Duty, MD

March 28, 2024 

Dr. Brian Duty is not just your ordinary urologist; he is a dedicated advocate for healthcare reform and a proactive member of the medical community here in Oregon.  As a native Oregonian, Dr. Duty's commitment to improving healthcare delivery in the state is deeply ingrained in his professional ethos.

Currently practicing at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Dr. Duty has demonstrated his leadership qualities through his involvement with the Oregon Medical Association (OMA) Executive Committee for the past three years.  Through his committee participation, he has played a pivotal role in helping shape policies and advocating for clinicians and patients. When asked about his involvement with the OMA, Dr. Duty emphasized the importance of organized medicine in addressing systemic issues within the healthcare system.  He acknowledged that the majority of challenges impacting patients stem from broader structural issues.  By becoming actively engaged in organizations like the OMA, Dr. Duty believes he can better understand these challenges and meaningfully contribute to their resolution.

For Dr. Duty, being an OMA member isn’t just about receiving newsletters or passive participation.  He believes in the power of active engagement and leadership stating, "'s one thing to simply be a member, but to really derive the personal benefits of being a member as well as to really grow the organization, it's imperative that we be involved."  His journey from being a member to sitting at the decision-making table illustrates his commitment to driving positive change within the medical community.

When championing OMA membership to fellow clinicians, Dr. Duty emphasizes three key reasons to belong: education, contribution, and involvement.  He believes that by understanding the value provided by the OMA, clinicians are more likely to contribute and, more importantly, become actively involved in shaping the future of healthcare.

Beyond his clinical career, Dr. Duty is also deeply invested in the broader healthcare landscape on both the state and national levels. Dr. Duty is the Director of Strategic Outreach for OHSU Health. In this role, he acts as a liaison between OHSU and healthcare leaders across Oregon and southwest Washington to help develop collaborations that allow patients to receive high-quality care in their local communities. He also serves as Vice-Chair of the Value-based Benefits Subcommittee, which makes evidence-based recommendations to the Health Evidence Review Commission on the medical services the Oregon Health Plan should cover. Lastly, Dr. Duty is chair of the American Urological Association’s State Advocacy Committee. His decision to run for state office reflects his desire to address critical issues facing healthcare delivery in Oregon, such as capacity constraints, declining reimbursements, and the role of private equity in healthcare.

Dr. Duty embodies the qualities of a proactive and visionary physician-leader.  Not only does he deliver exceptional patient care; he is also committed to enhancing healthcare systems and serving communities on a larger scale.  Dr. Duty’s dedication and passion make him an influential catalyst for positive transformation within the medical field and beyond.